Born and raised in Mukono, Uganda, I've always loved nature and the beauty that my country has to offer. I've traveled all around East Africa, from Kenya to Rwanda to Tanzania. When I'm out in the wilderness, I feel connected, free, & alive. Out of this love of nature - Woods Safaris was born. This business has always been a dream of mine. To be able to share with others my passion and the beauty of Uganda. 

Ronnie Jjuuko


All About Woods Safaris

Woods Safaris is a private travel company that specializes in safaris and holidays that are fit perfectly to your budget and travel needs. We strive to create special and unique packages that go above and beyond your expectations. 


To offer you an extraordinary and authentic African experience that is custom made to your expectations while being committed to sustainability and to do our part in protecting the environment, the African wildlife and the valuable cultural heritage.